Guiding Principles

  • I believe the primary job of a representative is to represent the interests of the constituents.
  • Legislators should listen first and be open to as diverse a range of ideas as possible.
  • I will always do the very best job I can with humility, empathy, and decency.
  • While there are essential roles for government, there are limits to what government can do well - we should leverage the proven successes of private enterprises and charitable organizations to do the most good for the most people.
  • We won't all agree on every issue, but we must strive to find common ground.


I value the safety of each individual in our district. I believe we should do more to help everyone in our community, especially those who are less fortunate. That starts with everyone feeling safe and free from violence. 


I understand we are a district of immigrants and should be able to keep our honestly earned income to house, feed, and clothe our families. I want us to focus on having more businesses in the district which will mean more jobs.


I want to see all our schools improve and focus on serving the children of our community.


We owe it to one another to ensure everyone has the most access to the best healthcare possible.

Social Security and Medicare

These programs are promises made to our seniors who worked all of their lives to earn these benefits. While we can reasonably explore changes going forward, those promises made must be promises kept.


We are a country of immigrants. We are a district of immigrants.

I support and encourage legal immigration.

We need to work together - across the aisle - to find a compassionate approach to addressing illegal immigration.

First Amendment

I believe the protections of the first amendment are foundational for our country.

People have the right to free speech and to peacefully assemble.

I will stand against violence and hate in all its forms and all its sources.


We must be responsible stewards of our planet. We should pursue sensible solutions to ensure we are strong caretakers of the land, water, and air for future generations and all living creatures.

Foreign Policy

I stand for unwavering support for our allies based on shared values.

For some thoughts on the importance of standing with the U.S. ally, Israel, see my letter in the Riverdale Press.

I want to hear from you!

If you have questions on a specific issue, please email me at